Ask your self

WHO you are trying to reach, attract, interest and persuade?
WHO it is for? And WHO isn’t.
The WHO you want as a customer gets to govern everything
Most small businesses attempt to influence the ocean with thimbles full of water. When you have comparatively limited resources, you must deploy them very selectively.
Sadly, most business people cannot accurately and completely describe exactly WHO they want to respond, WHO is their ideal customer, WHO is their current customer, and for the most part, they are playing Blind Archery. A dangerous game.


The WHO is very, very important. If you know WHO you want to attract, you can often find media or lists that reach only them. Often, the right description of WHO already exists in your business and you just haven’t paid any attention to it or thought about how to use it.
What If you’re new in business and have no backlog of data about your WHO?
Try common sense. Maybe check your trade association or even competitors for some clues to WHO.
Too many business people think about themselves, their products, their services, and what they want to say about all that, rather than thinking about WHO is likely to be hungriest, most eager, most receptive, is readily and affordably reachable, that they’ll enjoy doing business with.
So did you find your WHO?

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